Reading Room

Dr. Mae's Musings

I read about a super gal who transitioned from one aspiration to another with grace. She was always a strong student and energetic. While in high school she took part in lots of theatrical productions, while in competitive classes. Then she was cast in a movie and during production and post production reevaluated. We had already applied to colleges and she decided to defer and take a Gap year. During that time we met often to discuss what next. The Gap year was productive in which she taught dance and we focused on using her already strong skills in communication to find the right program. Additionally she took classes at Bucks County Community College in journalism. What we came to was using the brilliant talents she had as a communicator in another direction. Ultimately she entered George Washington University in the prestigious school of Political Communications. While at GW, she thrived in academics and involvement in many activities. While in college she began first interning and then working in large production and communication companies. I kind of followed her travels and work history for a bit. Then this morning I read that last year she entered the Stern School of Business at NYU. What a start, never dwelling taking a gift and expanding it. I so love counseling kids that have open ears and hearts and are in the process of discovering themselves (life-long I might add)

A Story

Once there was a girl from Connecticut, and she was very diligent. This girl had really strong grades and lots of activities. Her mom, was an acrobat and her dad a juggler. She had lots of love and was a leader at her school. When it came time to apply for college, she was very picky. This amazing girl would only attend a school in Boston or New York. She was not sure about Chicago, hated the South and Philadelphia. Baltimore was out of the question. She worked very had on her applications, and presented herself well. Her test scores although fine-were a little low for her aspirations that year. Barnard College, was her Early Decision choice and rejection was difficult for her to accept. Unfortunately, she had withheld other applications and was scrambling to get them in by the deadline. I encouraged her to apply to Manhattan College, a smaller school in Riverdale with great internships, strong alumni network, and a solid Business program. Come March, more rejections-and she had to decide between Boston University and Manhattan College. At the later she was put into the Honors program and had a huge Merit scholarship. Her parents had saved $100.000 for her college education and if she attended Manhattan she would graduate debt free. The girl was intent on going to Boston University, where she would have massive debt. However with some coaching she decided on Manhattan. The first two years were difficult, she dreamed of the Ivies and planned to put in applications but never did. Manhattan College, grew on her and she was massively successful. I checked in on her this summer and her Dad thanked me for recommending Manhattan College. PS she had a great internship on Wall Street (her goal) The End for now.