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So many careers, colleges, paths to take...

How to start?

Where to apply?

What major to choose?

What to do in life?

There is no one path to finding the next step in academics or in life.  

Each story is as different as the individual.

Dr. Mae's role as a guide is to make it a stressless process for each individual to find their way. 

"I am proud of the people I have worked with over the years. They are making significant contributions now and for future generations."

Dr. Mae's Musings

College essay: Honesty best policy

The thought of writing a personal statement of 250 to 500 words as part of a college application process sends chills down many students' spines. They shudder at the thought of being judged on such a little piece of writing. Some spend restless nights thinking about what Magnus Opus lies buried in the depths of their unconscious.

How can their story, most often that of a generally unscathed 17-year-old, be told in a way that is unique, putting them over the top with the admissions committee? The tension over what should go into an essay rises beyond all appropriate proportions.

Why so much pressure on a simple essay?

Follow the Legacy of Dauntless Women and Men

Dauntless women have long traversed the globe in search of adventure, love and freedom from the constraints of patriarchal societies. They often give little thought to the following day even during difficult times although perhaps they are struck by a yearning to take a lighter road. An avid reader of biographies, I have always loved reading about such women and their exploits. Biographies of Colette, George Sand and Isadora Duncan are cherished possessions in books now yellowed with age.

Just as fascinating for the reading are tales of women seeking spiritual enlightenment in far-off corners of the world. For a while, I read all I could find about the 

Less-expensive colleges can be rewarding

The thought of attending a community colleges can be given short shrift by those parents who threaten their children with ending up there if they do not keep their grades up in high school.

From my own perspective, community colleges measure up and can provide the same education as an elite institution. Lawrence Cremin, president of Columbia University Teachers College, where I earned my doctorate, never forgot his roots at City College of New York in Harlem. He was eager to avoid making judgments based on where a person went to school: it was what they did with their education that mattered. 

"Mae has spent her life opening doors for others. With a Doctorate in Education, her career includes working with vulnerable beings: special education, children and families in Vietnam, hospital therapy in Haiti, cancer patients, and pet adoptions. Mae makes heroic rescues a way of life. She's been featured on 20/20, Dateline, and CNN; and likes to talk about how to keep doing her work; inspiring others, and helping make their dreams come true."

Dr. Sakharov believes that "your life is your own sculpture." She helps students to develop the "artist within" and to create the lives they were meant to live.