Sports-related Injury concerns shouldn't be ignored

PARENTING PEARLS: Sports-related injury concerns shouldn’t be ignored. The young athlete has many needs that must be taken in consideration because of their... More

Teach your Children that prudence is a virtue

I will admit that, having acquired few housekeeping skills in my formative years, I must have been the world’s most inept au pair. Living in Paris during the... More

Building a successful blended family

Early in July, I had the opportunity to spend time with my niece and nephew in Nova Scotia. This would seem a perfectly ordinary event had this not been our first visit... More

Open Doors of Discovery to your Children

Each year, June and July are nostalgic times for me. It is then the mail brings announcements from former students, some of whom are graduating from college,... More

Being Resourceful During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Due to the uncertain economy, many families will need to cut back and simplify this holiday season. Rather than holiday spending sprees with anxiety filled... More

Mediation Can Help Families Through Turmoil
”The Rocking Horse Winner,” a short story by D.H. Lawrence, is the sad tale of a boy named Paul who is privy to the constant bickering of his parents. His mother,... More

Hey Mom, I Saw 30 000 Ads

Branding products is a key marketing device. Prior to reaching the consumer, new products are branded by marketers in such a way that the public will recognize... More

Slow Down. Tell a Story.

Parents of my acquaintance complain of the constant hustle and bustle during summer vacation, running children from one activity to the other. It is haut-rigueur for... More

Adopting the Orphaned Children

The tsunami that devastated South Asia on December 26, 2004, has mobilized millions of people eager to contribute resources and time. The horror of those moments and the... More

Teaching Children Money Habits

No sooner are the holidays over, and the New Year rolls around, when one’s attention is turned to April 15th, the deadline for filing income taxes. It is not... More

Breathing in school had its risks

Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” has been successful in raising consciousness about the dangers of global warming. Along with the destruction of the natural... More

When affordable child care lost the vote

The year 1971 was slated to become a seminal year for supporters of affordable child care. Advocates concerned about meeting the needs of working parents and ensuring... More

Surviving, even growing, on fantasies

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro's award-winning film "Pan's Labyrinth" continues to haunt me weeks after viewing. This is not a film for younger children; not... More

Offering service: A constant source of happiness

As I was growing up, for me reading was salvation and a way to learn about the world beyond my family and my little town in New Jersey. A voracious reader from as early... More

The ramifications of loss can last a lifetime

For many it is impossible to discuss loss, and the ramifications can last a lifetime One the most memorable Saturday morning radio programs of my childhood during... More

Schoolyard Bullies

Schoolyard bullying is increasing, and parents and school officials wonder why this is so. Who are these bullies who terrorize the weak and defenseless? We... More

Stress can be monumental for special needs families

Parenting is one of the most intense periods of a lifetime and one can never be prepared for all the situations and circumstances that arise. For most parents, their... More

How do today's politics affect our children?

Thousands lined the streets, many crying unabashedly as the solemn procession marched up Park Avenue. Confetti papered the air and mingled with tears. I... More

The plight of many children: Hanging by a thread

A study released in March by America’s Promise Alliance, the nation’s largest multi-sector collaborative dedicated to the well-being of children and youth, found “17 of... More

Small lesson, Big difference

Parents take pride when engaging in conversations about their children. They can spend hours sharing a progeny’s accomplishments and never-to-be-forgotten Kodak... More