The role of the teachers

My high school memories are tinged with joy and sorrow. The Vietnam War was escalating; the school and its student body was a hive of heated hallway arguments. Was... More

Nothing of value comes without effort

In a world of pervasive pessimism, cynicism and negativity, young people have a difficult time focusing on the positive. It’s no wonder, college costs of are out of... More

A dialogue to grow by

Effective communication skills open the door to opportunity. Those who cannot articulate their thoughts clearly or do not have the vocabulary to do so often withdraw,... More

What to look for in a preschool

Selecting the right preschool used to be a much easier job. One simply picked up the phone book and called the school that was convenient and close to home. The... More

Failing to Teach Reading Properly

Children have confided to me they hate reading, leading me to wonder, how can you hate reading? It must be something else, something more particular, you hate.... More

Yes, there's a sucker born every minute
The Internet revolution has brought forth a glut of online entrepreneurs offering a variety of expedient methods to those seeking a better job or an advanced... More

Awards given to so-called underachievers

March is time for the Academy Awards when Hollywood rolls out the red carpet and honors those the academy members vote the best of the year. Viewers who do not fall... More

Banned books becoming disturbing trend

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to assembly, and it has consistently been challenged by special interests. Among... More

Goodbye, Professor Leslie R. Williams

Every so often, I receive an alumni newsletter from Columbia University Teachers College where I completed my doctorate. This month brought sad news: my department... More

Thinking can be taught to adolescents

A typical dictionary definition of adolescence states this time of life is "the transitional stage of development between childhood and full adulthood representing the... More

Mastering testing, not subjects

We live in the era of the standardized test when a score determines the success of a student, their teacher and particular school. Those that make the grade receive the... More

When talking politics: Discuss substantive issues with children

For the first time since John Kennedy ran for president in 1960, a generation of young people has become passionate about the electoral process. They have... More

Thinking of Becoming a Teacher?

Over the next decade, many teaching positions will open up as the baby boomers retire, marking the first shortage of teachers across the country in many years. The... More

Stand tall against backpack injuries to students

Thousands of students across this great land limp along the hallways and corridors of schools day in and day out, resembling human Leaning Towers of Pisa. ... More

Follow the Legacy of Dauntless Women and Men

Dauntless women have long traversed the globe in search of adventure, love and freedom from the constraints of patriarchal societies. They often give little... More

Vietnam! Vietnam!

Students often turn away from the study of history, thinking that memorizing fact after fact has little relevance to their lives. To some, however, myself... More

Time to examine higher education

This year’s college graduates did not meet with a plethora of recruiters seeking employees. A more likely scenario might have been scrambling to find any kind... More

Bridging East and West in medicine, self-care and education

Over the past several decades, bridging ancient Eastern with modern Western methods of medicine and self-care has become more commonplace. The reasons are multifold:... More

Good Teaching requires life-long learning

I had suspected for quite some time that the yoga studio I frequented for the past five years would soon be closing its doors. As the dismantling began, props... More

The Words that we share with children can be life-changing

New Year’s resolutions have always confused me. Some years they never get further than a passing thought, and at other times they serve as productive earmarks for... More

Pivotal forces: Community support, parental education

Long before the days when standardized testing was the criteria for whether a school was successful or not, I was co-founder of The Father’s Heart Urban Prep School in... More

Initiatives that emulate the Health Corps Models needed

Many among us are saddened by ethnic and religious wars being fought throughout the world. We also are deeply concerned about our crumbling failing schools and the... More

Concerted Effort Needed to Stop Binge Drinking

The first step in overcoming a problem is acknowledging that one exists. Binge drinking pandemic is so severe a generation is in peril. Premature death related to... More

Tips for students in the process of applying to college

This time of year tests the patience of both parents and high school students as both refrain with all-too familiar questions that plague the class of ‘15. ”What... More

Ways to afford your child's college education

Parents of juniors and seniors in high school complain about how complicated the college admissions process has become. They recall applying to one or two... More

Students shouldn't limit choices of college

Come the spring, many high school juniors will begin to rev up their college search. Some are new to the process; others, old hands who have been prodded and... More

Hurry up, take a year off

It has long been a tradition for European students to take a year off after graduating from high school. Increasingly, the wander, or gap, year has been gaining... More

In Applying, Check Your Attitude

This was a most difficult year for students applying to colleges. The largest population of young people since the 1960s is coming to age. This generation has been... More

20 colleges are too many to apply to

The expenses involved in applying to colleges have accelerated along with tuition costs. Sending out college applications costs between $25 and $75 apiece, a rate that... More

Mom has the ball, son scores

A uniformed doorman guided me through the canopied entrance of a Manhattan apartment building at 92nd Street and Park Avenue. The lobby exuded the luxury and good... More

Parents, polish the passion

One morning last April, the same time of year high school seniors were heading back from colleges, a segment about the increasing number of outstanding students that had... More

College essay: Honesty best policy

The thought of writing a personal statement of 250 to 500 words as part of a college application process sends chills down many students' spines. They shudder at the... More

Most colleges provide disability services

Rich Lavoie, a well-known educator, author, and advocate for children with learning disabilities contributed the lead article in the August 2005 edition of LD OnLine.... More

Less-expensive colleges can be rewarding

The thought of attending a community colleges can be given short shrift by those parents who threaten their children with ending up there if they do not keep their... More

Scouting your future

The cost of a college education has skyrocketed over the past several decades, and anxious families want to get the most out of their investment in their children's... More

A guide to the guides

Every fall, eager students head off for the college experience. Some graduates are eagerly awaiting freedom from parental constraints and a four-year long party full of... More

The Dangers of Excessive Drinking

Friends of mine often have asked why, other than an occasional glass of wine, I do not drink. Some may even believe that I would be uncomfortable in places where... More

Wake up Sweetie... This is Class

She sauntered into the room wearing the tightest hip-hugger jeans and a tee shirt cut above the navel to reveal a shinny ersatz diamond. Her skin was streaked with some... More

The World is Their Oyster

The extraordinary things young people accomplish here in the United States and throughout the world continually amaze me. And, yes, I mean the world. While in the... More

Helicopter Parents Concern of Higher Education

College and university administrators have voiced concern about parents who are overly involved in their child's higher education. Some of these schools have put... More

Campus Ghetto's are breeding Grounds for Disaster

The dangers of excessive drinking and how it can destroy lives and fracture families were evident to me from childhood. My best friend's father was a compulsive... More