The Dangers of Excessive Drinking
September 2009

Friends of mine often have asked why, other than an occasional glass of wine, I do not drink. Some may even believe that I would be uncomfortable in places where... More

Wake up Sweetie... This is Class
July 2006

She sauntered into the room wearing the tightest hip-hugger jeans and a tee shirt cut above the navel to reveal a shinny ersatz diamond. Her skin was streaked with some... More

The World is Their Oyster
May 2006

The extraordinary things young people accomplish here in the United States and throughout the world continually amaze me. And, yes, I mean the world. While in the... More

Helicopter Parents Concern of Higher Education
February 2006

College and university administrators have voiced concern about parents who are overly involved in their child's higher education. Some of these schools have put... More

Campus Ghetto's are breeding Grounds for Disaster
May 2005

The dangers of excessive drinking and how it can destroy lives and fracture families were evident to me from childhood. My best friend's father was a compulsive... More

Concerted Effort Needed to Stop Binge Drinking
April 2005

The first step in overcoming a problem is acknowledging that one exists. Binge drinking pandemic is so severe a generation is in peril. Premature death related to... More